Installation Instructions

  1. Backup your database.
  2. Download and unzip Quick Contact from
  3. Upload the `quickcontact` folder (that was unzipped in the previous step) to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory in your WordPress install
  4. Activate Quick Contact through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Place `[quick_contact]` on the page that you would like your Quick Contact form to appear (please do not copy and paste the shortcode from here, find out why).
  6. Emails will be sent to your admin email that you entered when you installed WordPress. You can alter this email in the Settings » General tab in your WordPress admin and updating the `E-mail address` field.

Updating Instructions

The best way to upgrade is to use the ‘Upgrade Now’ button on your plugins page (if your hosting situation is set up to handle that), or by following these steps:

  1. Backup your database.
  2. Deactivate Quick Contact in your WordPress admin.
  3. Delete the old version of Quick Contact from your plugins directory (typically `wp-content/plugins`) via ftp.
  4. Download the new version of the Quick Contact from
  5. Unzip the downloaded file and upload it’s contents to your plugins directory (Unziping the files should produce a folder called `quick-contact`).
  6. Reactivate Quick Contact.

Please note that your Quick Contact may not function properly during the updating process.

Important Notes:

  1. Quick Contact is not currently designed to have multiple iterations on the same page load (i.e. don’t have it in more than once on any given page).
  2. Be careful if you copy the shortcode directly from this page or any other page on this site. We have intentionally added bold tags into the shortcode so that it looks correct, but doesn’t function (otherwise you would just see the Quick Contact form instead of the shortcode). We recommend typing the shortcode into your page yourself to avoid any confusion, especially if you are not familiar with HTML. If you copy the shortcode from above, be sure to strip out the bold tags (‘<strong>’) or it will not work.

Screen Shot:

We built Quick Contact with the minimal styling possible with the hope that it would fit beautifully into your site. Your form should look something like this:

Quick Contact for WordPress Screen Shot

Please note that the above form is an image, not an example. To see an example of Quick Contact please see our Example ‘Quick Contact’ Form.

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