Malware Scare

UPDATE: Malware has been eradicated from this site.

I am aware that we have been infected with malware. I’m working on it as fast as I an and should have the site cleaned up in the next 48 hours.

The plugin itself does not have the malware in it; the reason you are being alerted for your site is because the plugin contains a link back to this site, and Google is making the association and warning your visitors. I will have this fixed ASAP.

I sincerely apologize for the scare; I know this isn’t fun for you, and it certainly isn’t fun for me. I wish the people who made this stuff could find something productive to do with their time. They must have no idea how much trouble, time and expense is wasted on their behalf.

Regardless, Thank You for all the email notes letting me know of the problem; we are working on it and will have things cleaned up soon.

On another note: This scare has reignited the fire and we are looking at making a round of updates and improvements again; sorry it has been so long. First thing is first: we will get the sites cleaned up. After that, we will get started on the improvements.

I’ll keep you posted,



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New Update – v0.5.3

We made a small update to help quell the Ajax errors.

We received some comments about Ajax problems and learned that some of you were having trouble on the ‘submit’ part of the plugin. We discovered that Internet Explorer was having trouble with our chaining. To optimize for speed and efficiency, we combined several commands in our scripting. Think of this as asking your friend to run to the store to pick up ‘milk, eggs and bread’ all in one trip. That’s ‘chaining’.

What we discovered is that Internet Explorer was having a problem getting all the items in a single trip, and would rather that we only ask for one thing at a time: ‘go to the store, get milk, come back, repeat for eggs…’

We’re pretty sure this is the reason many of you were experiencing Ajax errors, and ‘errors on submit’. This small update should fix the problem and has performed well in our testing.

Give it a try and let us know what you think

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FAQ Builder for WordPress Unofficial Release (updated)

Square Compass has unofficially launched a new plugin for WordPress called FAQ Builder for WordPress.

FAQ Builder for WordPress PluginFAQ Builder for WordPress is a great way to add and manage Frequently Asked Questions on your WordPress blog.

It provides an easy way for your site visitors to ask questions, and an administration tool that allows you to add, edit, and answer those questions before posting to your site.

We included the ability to manage categories, define which questions appear on your FAQ page, which questions are available in the handy search tool (but not displayed), and which questions you’d rather not present to the public at all.

You can download FAQ Builder for WordPress from our site before it is approved by WordPress for inclusion in the WordPress Plugins Directory. We have presented it to the folks at WordPress for review and are anxious to hear back from them. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: We have been accepted into the WordPress Plugin Directory!

FAQ Builder is the latest of three terrific plugins from Square Compass.

FAQ Builder for WordPress
Business Directory for WordPress
Quick Contact for WordPress

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Quick Contact for WordPress Doing Well

quick-contact-growthDropping in for a quick note about our progress; we are nearing 2,000 downloads via the WordPress Plugin Directory and we are pretty excited about the feedback we have received.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and taken the time to make a comment.

We also appreciate the handful of Ratings we have received. If you can’t send us a donation, please take a minute to Rate Quick Contact for WordPress. We can use any help you have to offer.

We appreciate, too, if you can mention our plugin in your reviews.

Thank you!

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Version 0.5.1 Beta – One Character Off

We discovered some erroneous behavior in the phone number validation which we traced down to a single missing character in our code. As such we have released version 0.5.1 Beta with the following improvement/fix:

  • Improved Phone Validation.

The new version should be live within the next few hours and should appear in the auto-update then. See our updating instructions if you need help updating Quick Contact.

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And We’re Off!

blastoffWe received word today that we have been approved by Team WordPress, and have been received into the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

Have a look at our Quick Contact plugin and tell us what you think. It is intended to be simple, easy, and (hopefully) pain-free. We developed this for a project we have been working on and we have been quite pleased with its performance. We have not tested it for every server configuration, nor do we plan to. If it works for you, please let us know with some feedback on our blog, or a rating. If it doesn’t work for you, let us know what you have experienced.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Version 0.5 Beta Available Now

It’s official, our first version of (v0.5 Beta) Quick Contact for WordPress is available to download from the WordPress Plugins Directory.

Features include:

  • Simple Captcha for Spam Protection
  • Interactive AJAX Interface
  • Input Validation
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Wait for it…

We have been approved by the WordPress guys and have submitted v0.5 Beta. We hope that Quick Contact will be available for download within the next few hours.

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Please stay tuned…

We are currently awaiting approval from the guys at WordPress. Please stay tuned.

Feel free to explore our Quick Contact for WordPress plugin by viewing our Example Quick Contact form.

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