New Update – v0.5.3

We made a small update to help quell the Ajax errors.

We received some comments about Ajax problems and learned that some of you were having trouble on the ‘submit’ part of the plugin. We discovered that Internet Explorer was having trouble with our chaining. To optimize for speed and efficiency, we combined several commands in our scripting. Think of this as asking your friend to run to the store to pick up ‘milk, eggs and bread’ all in one trip. That’s ‘chaining’.

What we discovered is that Internet Explorer was having a problem getting all the items in a single trip, and would rather that we only ask for one thing at a time: ‘go to the store, get milk, come back, repeat for eggs…’

We’re pretty sure this is the reason many of you were experiencing Ajax errors, and ‘errors on submit’. This small update should fix the problem and has performed well in our testing.

Give it a try and let us know what you think

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